Operation Shattered Union 2, 5Oct2013 @ G4S/ITI Training Facility, West Point, VA

MindGame Productions, Insanity Productions and the Dogs of War continue MAAPR’s Shattered Union legacy with Operation Shattered Union 2.

The year is now 2028, seven years after the pandemic that ravaged the nation and brought the United States to its knees. In the hollowed shells of towns and cities, state and local militias protect the population against warlords and rival states. The remnants of the federal government still operate with what armed forces remain loyal to Washington, D.C., supported by the hired guns of private military. But Washington is the titular capital of a failed state — barely able to protect its own population and supplies– much less restore law and order to the shattered union.

After the failed attempt of the Virginia Commonwealth to seize the Upper Marlboro Water Treatment Facility in 2026, famine and illness have further weakened the cities of the Commonwealth. Emboldened by their success in Upper Marlboro, the Maryland Defense Force (MDF) has pushed deep into Virginia on their way to the current capitol of Norfolk, 90 km in with 90 km to go.

The fortunes of the Commonwealth look bleak with the MDF just outside West Point, VA. It’s now up to the Virginia Commonwealth Regulars (VCR) to dig deep and summon the last vestiges of the famous “Stonewall Brigade” so named for their stand with General “Stonewall” Jackson at the Battle of Manassas Junction during the last war of Northern Aggression.

There is renewed hope for the VCR as the push south has significantly thinned the MDF forces who fight to maintain their critical supply lines. There are whispered rumors that a roaming mercenary group, inadvertently caught up in the battle, will join forces with the VCR to push the Marylanders north again.

Welcome to Operation Shattered Union 2!

Operation Shattered Union 2 will be held at the G4S/ITI Training Facility located between Richmond and Williamsburg, just off of Interstate 64, adjacent to the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport. The operation will make use of the facility’s Kill House, MOUT (known as Sim City), DC-9 fuselage, Shooting Ranges and over 80 acres of woodland.

Insanity Productions will have their Advanced Operations System® in place which makes use of RFID and wireless communications to provide real time scoring and immersive mission experiences.

Missions include but are not limited to:

Supply Line Protection and Interdiction
High Value Target Acquisition
Nuclear Threat Mitigation
CQB in the Kill House
Area Control

Timeline: 10:00-22:00
07:00 Gates Open / Registration / Chrono begins
09:00 Safety briefing
10:00 Game Start
(TBD) Dinner Break
(TBD) Evening operations commence
22:00 Event Ends

Age Limit
This event is limited to ages 16 and up. Players who are under 18 years old must have a parent sign the waiver.

Full seal ANSI rated goggles. NO EXCEPTIONS. Full face protection is not required but strongly encouraged.

FPS Limits
RIFLE / SMG: OK < 366 fps (Chronographed with .25g BBs)
SAW: (50 foot minimum engagement, no SAW firing indoors): OK < 390 fps (Chronographed with .25g BBs)
SNIPER WEAPONS: OK < 436 fps (100 Foot minimum engagement - chronographed using .36 gram BBs)

Uniform Requirements
Players can choose either: Maryland Defense Force (MDF) or the Virginia Commonwealth Regulars (VCR). We will be soliciting applications for the Mercenary force that will be under the direct control of the Producers.

Virginia Commonwealth Regulars (VCR):
Any tan based pattern–Multicam, ACU, Three Color Desert or Desert MARPAT

Maryland Defense Force (MDF):
Any Green based pattern -Woodland BDU’s, Woodland MARPAT, Flecktarn or Woodland Tiger

No camping is available onsite but the area has numerous hotel options and camping facilities.

Registration Opens 8/6/2013
8/6-20/2013 = $85
8/21-9/4/2013 = $95
9/5-19/2013 = $105
9/20-10/4/2013 = $115
Game Day = $125

After you register, be sure to download and read the event player’s packet for detailed rules, uniform and safety requirements for this event. Ignorance of the materials posted for ready download and review will not be an excuse for exceptions to the rules.

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MindGame Productions Presents…

Labor Day Weekend
August 31 – September 1, 2013

Guardian Center, Perry, Georgia

Operation Sovereign Fury!

In the Summer of 2016… War came to America.
For the past several years, Russia conducted one of largest arms build-ups since the Cold War, using new-found wealth from vast Siberian natural gas and mineral reserves. The US economy continued to flounder with high unemployment and reductions in defense spending to maintain government operations and basic social programs. But the United States still possess a strong industrial base, largely in mothballs from the continued recession, and abundant farmland and food production capabilities eyed hungrily by Russia after several disastrous years of crop failure.

The attack came swiftly. A cyber-attack on an unprecedented scale shut down American early-warning systems and nuclear launch capabilities. The US communications infrastructure was corrupted, leaving the nation wide open and unable to coordinate an effective response as Russian troops struck major population centers on the east and west coasts. The American military is fighting back hard but the paralysis of communications nodes and satellites crippled the traditional high-technology advantages of the American warfighter. Clumsily coordinated partisan attacks and sabotage harass the occupying Russian military as it pushes deeper into the heartland. The outcome is anyone’s guess as America regroups to counter-attack the Russian invaders.

MindGame Productions is proud to debut the Guardian Center of Perry, Georgia, in a national-level, military simulations event on Labor Day Weekend. South-eastern MilSim will never be the same!
This amazing private facility spans 350 acres in central Georgia with a 75-acre urban operations training city. Fifty buildings fill the city, themed with props and furniture. Cars line the streets and countless other surprises await in this incredible facility built for the military, law enforcement, federal and state emergency response personnel.

This is an event you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS! Registration for Operation Sovereign Fury will open on May 1 and close on August 1. Walk-ons will not be accepted at the event. Teams will be structured into company, platoon and squad level units with commanders assigned well in advance for unit coordination and planning. More details on the event, rules and requirements will be forthcoming!

Block your calendars…

gather your team mates…

retake the American Homeland …

or break the Americans for Mother Russia!


Operation Sovereign Fury Sponsored By…
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